An Aspergirl Indeed

If only I’d known she had Asperger’s. If only I’d understood her behaviour. If only I’d let her be herself. If only she’d been honest and brave. If only she knew how. If only. When Monique took a leap of faith and communicated her love for me, I fell for her words of affirmation. What … More An Aspergirl Indeed

Why My LDR was DNR

The saying is, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, but it’s not always the case. Distance also helps people grow apart. Long distance relationships or LDRs are notoriously difficult to navigate, yet I’ve put myself through two of them. Some might call me a glutton for punishment but I think I learnt enough from the … More Why My LDR was DNR

The New Ten-pound Pom

If you’ve been dating recently, you’d have met a British bachelorette. I’ve dated a few in my time, and all seemed lovely on the first date. For them, we’re a novelty. British gals have flooded Sydney; all of our major cities. Promised a better life in Australia, they’ve set their expectations of Australian men very … More The New Ten-pound Pom

European Adventures and an Unexpected Booty Call

I kept up my daily phone calls with my girl, a London travel agent. We took turns with the flying weekend visits. Things were going great… until my 24th birthday. I had planned a football trip to Teplice in the Czech Republic and would be in Prague for a few days either side of the match with a dozen mates. This didn’t … More European Adventures and an Unexpected Booty Call