The Normalcy of Perverse Thoughts

There is no human jurisdiction on the mind. We are morally, ethically and lawfully bound by rules in society. However, inside ourselves, our thoughts are not seen or heard without confession. Throughout history, and particularly in religious brethren, the idea of perverse sexual thoughts and acts have been widely condemned. But what if the thoughts are … More The Normalcy of Perverse Thoughts

Baby Making Sex

FEMALE FEATURE Sybarite is our Features Writer from London, UK How do you have baby making sex? Is it supposed to be meaningful love making sex? Man on top whispering “I love you, you’re beautiful” with the woman moaning softly beneath. Or passionate sex? Hours of oral stimulation, sticky, sweaty, intense positioning before shaking with … More Baby Making Sex


FEATURE – BOOK REVIEW Editor’s Pick What a fool believes, he sees. Jesse Fink, author of LAID BARE: One Man’s Story of Sex, Love and Other Disorders was a fool. A fool for love for really quite a long time. In truth, he probably always will be. And after much soul searching – through the … More LAID BARE: Review

Sister Act

Blokes are often accused of not putting enough into a relationship. I put everything, including the kitchen sink, into mine. I cared for this girl, fell head over heals in love, and went above and beyond in the quest to make her smile every day. I put in too much. The heartache of being dumped, … More Sister Act