Just Like My Father

As I get older I notice myself doing things my father does, and I hate it. Whether it be my speech, the way I eat my meal, or my complete lack of tolerance for bad drivers: I’m him. It’s unconscious. I don’t try to be like him, I just am. I have a particularly authoritarian … More Just Like My Father

The Normalcy of Perverse Thoughts

There is no human jurisdiction on the mind. We are morally, ethically and lawfully bound by rules in society. However, inside ourselves, our thoughts are not seen or heard without confession.¬†Throughout history, and particularly in religious brethren, the idea of perverse sexual thoughts and acts have been widely condemned. But what if the thoughts are … More The Normalcy of Perverse Thoughts

Word to the Wise

I have been lucky enough to have lived in several different countries and been exposed to a plethora of different cultures. I am by no means an expert, but I feel I can impart the following knowledge with the benefit of experience and my catalogue of friends, acquaintances and random idiots. Here it goes: Don’t … More Word to the Wise

The Married Woman

I was introduced to her and thought it was a windup. There was no way she was a management accountant. She was in her mid 30s and had porcelain skin. I half expected her to take off her horn-rimmed glasses, sweep her long hair out of the tidy bun and straddle me. If I’m honest, … More The Married Woman

Neighbourly Love

I overlook my neighbour’s house from my balcony. If I was lucky she’d be in her bra and panties when she put out her garbage, which was a bit of a turn on. She was blonde, curvy and mature but had a visiting boyfriend. However, one night the peace was broken when he lost his … More Neighbourly Love