Report Card

It had been a while. Time to get back in the saddle. I found someone who seemed okay through an online dating service. On the first date, we chose to have a Thai dinner in Newtown. We talked and had lots in common. She had a good job working for a magazine. Good taste in … More Report Card

Neighbourly Love

I overlook my neighbour’s house from my balcony. If I was lucky she’d be in her bra and panties when she put out her garbage, which was a bit of a turn on. She was blonde, curvy and mature but had a visiting boyfriend. However, one night the peace was broken when he lost his … More Neighbourly Love

Blow In, Blow Out

I met a girl who seemed pretty interesting online. Emails and phone calls ensued. Finally got a date organised after receiving some late night booty calls (she sounded drunk and it was too late, usually on a school night). For some mysterious reason, she was staying at her Mum’s so, I went over with flowers … More Blow In, Blow Out