Yes, She’s a Bitch

Is your mood controlled by hers? Is she almost always defensive? Does she get angry when you suggest she does something nice for you? Be honest, is there an imbalance in your relationship, where she’s doing the majority of the decision-making and you’re three years down the track without a fucking clue how this has happened?

She’s a bitch.

Don’t argue or deny it. She is.

Tracy McMillan, author of Why You’re Not Married… Yet (Hardie Grant Books), advocates that women with bitch-like tendencies let anger and fear keep them single or in toxic relationships. McMillan’s direct views may read somewhat extreme to women but to us men, she’s pretty bang-on the money.

Most men just want to marry someone who is nice to them. Nice includes sex, laughing, and occasionally – but not to the point of oppression or anything – cooking a meal, folding the laundry, or doing something else he’s too lazy to do for himself. Just because you love him. That’s what nice is.

Your girlfriend or wife doesn’t smile. She has that look upon her face all day. You’re thinking, what do I have to do to make her happy? Is she ever going to change? Probably not, dude. She’s getting off on it.

As McMillan states, bitches love getting mad at men.

Being a bitch is about feeling superior to men (and the women who want them), rolling your eyes without even knowing you’re doing it, and having a lot of tension around your mouth all the time. It’s about radiating something that makes people feel just a little bit scared of you. And not only do you not care, but if you get really, really honest you would have to admit that you like it. Just a little. That’s being a bitch.

Why do so many of us find ourselves in these types of relationships?

Maybe it’s because she’s smoking hot or great in bed and you’re prepared to put up with her shit because she makes you look good. Her Facebook profile is full of duck poses with arm akimbo, every photo (and there’s a new one every day) is the same – she loves herself. Instagram is her best friend. But deep down, you’re punching way above your weight, so you don’t let it bother you. Secretly it does.

Or, are you that poor bastard who’s been in a relationship for years but has to beg or bribe for a blow job?

It’s an anniversary fuck and one on your birthday, if you’re lucky.

Everything’s about her. You feel trapped and she’s made you feel so unattractive that you think you’ll never do better. I’d rather be dead.

If you’re dating, beware. If bitches have read McMillan’s lessons in love, they could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you ask a guy about the number one thing missing from women in the dating pool today, he will almost certainly tell you this: there is a major shortage of sweet women. And in the baccarat-like high-stakes world of marriage – which is a long way from the scratch-off lottery ticket excitement of dating – nice girls finish with a ring on their left hand.

What do men want?

Less arguing, more fun. Less judgement, more appreciation. Less fairy tales, more realities.

Most men love a chase. She needs to be a little unattainable but not fully; a bit cute or playful but not domineering. Right?

In the 30-somethings dating market (and over), where the ratio is 4:1 in favour of men, there’s no need to be anyone’s bitch.

Take a stand… today.

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