Riding the Red River

Taboo sex. It’s not often discussed. Why? Well, it’s taboo. One such area of discussion that men often won’t go near is period sex. That’s right, making a strawberry swirl or wearing the Dolmio Grin. Sounds gross but done right, period sex can be awesome for us.

A girl is at her horniest around and during her period. You need to take note of this, guys. Stop being such pussies! For starters, it’s just blood. Unless you’re particularly squeamish, there should be no problem. It doesn’t spurt out in showers like a B-grade horror flick. In actual fact, not much comes out at all, especially if she’s laying horizontal (on her back). If you want to be particularly precious about it, wear a condom.

The blood creates a natural lube and orgasm can lessen the period cramps. The contractions that come with orgasm can push out menstrual fluid more effectively. You’re helping us out.

I’ve had sex numerous times during my period (with and without a condom). So, here are 10 Tips for Period Sex Success:

  1. Find a towel or something to place under you, just in case. I own a dark pink one for such occasions and wash it separately. Also, tissues or wet wipes for clean up are a good idea
  2. Go slow to start. Get used to the motion and feeling
  3. Don’t go down on your girl unless you’re totally and completely into it
  4. Learn to relax and enjoy it the first few times
  5. Stick to the clit and outer lips
  6. Don’t part the vaginal opening, or lick inside or around the bottom area of the vagina (unless you really, really want to get all Twilight)
  7. If you don’t want to go down on her, find other ways of pleasuring her. The nipples are a good start, and as mentioned, the clit can be rubbed and flicked, and played with without going near the vaginal opening
  8. Decide if you want to wear a condom or not. If both partners are STI-free and happy to do it, I say go for it. The first time I tried it with my current partner was with a condom. He hates them and can’t come when he has one on, so we ended up removing it and it was more pleasurable for the both of us. He does get a little put off sometimes depending on the amount of blood on his cock at the end, so I usually give him a quick clean up
  9. Decide on a position. As previously stated, when a girl is on her back, the flow is lighter. So, guy on top is probably best if you’re worried about making a mess
  10. In the shower is another option, though I personally find shower sex practically impossible, it can lessen the idea of it being dirty

There’ll be some girls out there who will be repulsed by the thought of period sex – just as there’ll be males. But, why should we miss out and it be all about him?

If you attack it from the right angle, she might just be willing to give it a go.

Tell her you don’t care if she’s got her period. Tell her that she’s sexy or gorgeous; that you love her no matter what. Say that it’s just blood and it can be cleaned; that she makes you horny and you want to give it a try. The thought of doing something considered taboo is exciting.

Why not? You may well not have to got without sex for a week.

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