Sister Act

Blokes are often accused of not putting enough into a relationship. I put everything, including the kitchen sink, into mine. I cared for this girl, fell head over heals in love, and went above and beyond in the quest to make her smile every day.

I put in too much.

The heartache of being dumped, the sly behaviour during and after the break-up, and the oh so sweet revenge accomplished to receive much needed closure makes my story, perhaps a little more interesting than most.

My first true love was 20-year-old Tegan. Tegan was a local girl, very attractive and loved sport, which suit me perfectly. The ‘honeymoon period’ lasted over 8 months as we both fell deeply in love with each other. We played in touch football teams together, went on family holidays together and spent most days between our parents’ houses.

She enjoyed spending time with my family and I loved her family. The sex was great, especially the sneaky day-sex sessions we would have when her family were in the house. I would often drive her younger sister to school and drive her Nana home after family dinners, which showed how close we really were.

The honeymoon period began to fade when I commenced playing in her other touch team with her Eastern suburbs friends. It instantly felt like I was stepping on her territory – a bloke from the South – and smothering her by wanting to play in that social team.

I tried my best to mingle with her friends but I always felt on the outer. We would often have arguments going to and from games and I could never understand, why? I always wanted to go and watch her rep games involving the same friends. However, I never felt welcome and was often told not to come. I even drove five hours to watch her play once, which ended up in our biggest ever argument.

I could never understand why her moods would go up and down like a yoyo. Most blokes say girls are moody, but this was different. Some days, she would open the door to her house and I would be standing there hoping for a smile, but often got a frown. Things just didn’t weigh up.

One day it all started to make sense.

After one of our touch games with her friends, she had a birthday present to give to a male player.

“Wait over by the car and I’ll meet you there soon,” she said.

It was a strange request, but I went along with it. She took ages to return and when she did our relationship was never the same.

We argued constantly. I am someone who rarely argues with anyone. In fact, my friends would say that I hate confrontation. After just over a year of dating, I could tell our days were dwindling. On the night of my birthday, she sat there with a depressed look on her face, and as I blew out my candles, I could tell she was going to dump me (depressing on ones birthday). The very next night, she did exactly that.

After long D&Ms, I could tell she needed some help with her mental health as she wasn’t right. Her mother agreed and booked her in to see a specialist. We had broken up, but I was still worried sick about her. Anyone who’s truly loved someone knows what I’m talking about.

Almost six weeks had past and I was still concerned about her. I received an email. She took her young teenage sister’s advice to email me, stating she was now dating a guy from the social team we played in together.

I was heart broken and angry, but deep down I saw it coming. Her actions, in my mind, were disgusting. How can someone brush me aside after all that love and attention, hide a birthday present for another bloke, and then have the nerve to give it to him in front of me? The bitch.

I often cried at university, I cried myself to sleep whilst watching late night TV, hoping I’d fall asleep for at least a few hours. It was the pits.

I eventually healed enough to date again, but I still held so much hate for this girl. I would see her, and her family and friends around the local area. It would always destroy my mood and any hope of a good night out.

The only way I felt I could mend this open wound was to seek revenge. Some three years later, justice was finally served, and served cold with my dick.

Tegan’s older sister Laura, who I got along with reasonably well, was single. As it turned out, she was a much nicer person than her sister.

I had a feeling I was going to run into Laura at a mutual friend’s wedding, and I did. She was nice to me to begin with, but I definitely wanted to avoid her purely through her association with Tegan. I was sat at the ‘Singles’ table and away from my mates. As the night went on, I was constantly laughed at. I could see Laura and her mates making fun from across the room. I was angry and bitter again, as I could never seem to escape this family.

The night progressed and Laura decided to come over and have a chat. She had obviously had a bit to drink as the topic of conversation was: ‘Why am I always the only one single?’ as is often the case at weddings. I thought fuck it, let’s have fun with this and we danced. We had fun.

The wedding was beginning to end and her mates (Tegan’s mates also) wanted to take her home.

“C’mon, Laura, we’re both single. Let’s go out and party,” I suggested.

She took the bait and we went to a local bar. After a few more drinks, she was now blind drunk. So, I said that I would take her home, I’d have a drink at her place, and then leave.

Once back at her place, Laura instantly passed out on the lounge. I had her legs on my lap. I started the moves and thought when she wakes up shortly she’ll either hit me or I’m in. I took my chances.

She woke up with a dazed look on her face. I went in for a ballsy kiss. She didn’t knock me back. Yes, I was in. That night, we slept together and continued our sexy romp into the early hours of the morning until she sobered up. She felt guilty. However, I knew she thoroughly enjoyed it.

I felt like I had finally won and received the sweet revenge I so desperately desired, and deserved.

The icing on the cake was just about to come. She enjoyed my company that much – and I enjoyed hers – that I returned to her apartment on a few other occasions. These occasions were sober encounters.

Now the question remains: how should Tegan find out that I have now won?

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