Neighbourly Love

I overlook my neighbour’s house from my balcony.

If I was lucky she’d be in her bra and panties when she put out her garbage, which was a bit of a turn on.

She was blonde, curvy and mature but had a visiting boyfriend. However, one night the peace was broken when he lost his cool and started screaming at her as he left the house.

Why? I have no idea. He left and I thought nothing of it, typical inner-city kind of thing.

I knew her to say hello but that was all. One full moon soon after, I get a buzz on the intercom and it’s her, wanting to come up for a chat.

She comes in and I see her up close, finally. She was mature but would have been a serious hottie in her prime, maybe a hippychick even.

She introduced herself as Suzie.

“Hi, I came to apologise for that scene the other day, that guy is gone now for good,” she said.

“No biggie,” I replied, while hanging by the kitchen.

She then immediately came out with, “How’s your love life?”

“There’s a girl I’m into but nothing major has happened.”

“Have you kissed her?”

“Yeah, a little.”

“Maybe you need some practice.”

My cue to kiss my neighbour.

One thing lead to another and it was on. She really wanted to blow me.

Who woulda thunk it? I was just sitting on my couch, chilling, and the intercom rings for a blow job. That’s some serious Bukowski shit.

Crazy things happen on a full moon.

This scenario went on a number of times, which was very convenient travel-wise but she soon found a new boyfriend and moved away.

I still overlook her house and remember the good times.

As the TV theme song goes: “Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours.”

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