When Thursday Comes

The world stopped. Everything went silent. I was Neo in the Matrix. I was invincible. Slowly things came back into focus and I could hear my heart beating through my ears. I blushed deeply. I had never seen such a vision of beauty before.

Then again, I was only 16 years old.

I was on my way to the library to get a book for my Spanish coursework and begin some plagiarism when I met a mate from school. He had offered the mildest of distractions I needed to stop studying.

He wanted me to meet some girl he never stopped talking about. She had long blonde hair, flawless creamy skin and tight stonewashed jeans. She was pretty, but unremarkable.

Her mate however, was a different story. An absolute knock-out. She had thick, dark, curly hair, and cute dimples. She could charm the paint off walls with her smile.

I briefly forgot how to talk and then managed to mumble an awkward introduction. She flashed me a smile that made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. She was wearing dark denim jeans and a red singlet stretching over her inescapable breasts. It only took a couple of seconds.

I was smitten.

She drove a red Volkswagen Golf and lived in a big house ten minutes from mine. She offered me a lift home. Her thick curls brushed my face as she put her seat belt on. Her scent was intoxicating. She dropped me at my house and gave me her number, telling me to call her about a party at the weekend.

For the next week I kept seeing red Volkswagen Golfs and getting rushes of excitement.

The party that weekend was great. We shared jokes and stories and got on well. At the end of the night I got up to leave. She was standing near the door. I felt dizzy with nerves and panic set in.

What was I supposed to do next?

A kiss? A peck on the cheek? A hug? I folded and just said goodbye and ran out the door, all the way home.

The entire next day I felt terrible. I grieved the lost opportunity.

It was tragic.

I met her family many times and would call her to walk the dog with me every Thursday night. We walked and talked and shared secrets. Those couple of hours were the highlights of my week.

One night I was invited round to have some of her mother’s birthday cake. She then announced that we were going to go and her brother’s girlfriend smiled and nodded. I had no idea what was going on.

We got into her car and drove, talking as usual. She drove past my street out to a park and pulled up and stopped talking. She turned off the ignition and turned to face me. I don’t remember what happened next, because I don’t think anything did. I was a dead cert. A penalty kick with no goalkeeper. All I had to do was stay on my feet. I bottled it.

She’s married with kids now and her hair is ironing board straight.

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